As a devoted Infiniti enthusiast, the journey through the brand’s evolution has been nothing short of exhilarating. Celebrating two glorious decades of Infiniti’s presence in the automotive realm, it’s only fitting to delve into the visual spectacle that is the Infiniti Essence Concept Car. For G37 Coupe and Sedan owners, this is not just a car – it’s a celebration of design excellence, a symphony of lines and curves that echo the spirit of luxury performance. Join me on a virtual ride as we explore the aesthetics of the Infiniti Essence, drawing parallels to iconic models like the Aston Martin DBS and the Fisker Karma S.

The Essence Aesthetic:

The Infiniti Essence is a true masterpiece, a culmination of 20 years of relentless pursuit of automotive perfection. From the moment your eyes lock onto its silhouette, you’re greeted by an aerodynamic prowess that’s simply breathtaking. The sleek lines and the perfectly proportioned curves pay homage to the brand’s commitment to design innovation. The Essence isn’t just a car; it’s a work of art on wheels.

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Parallels to Icons:

To truly appreciate the Essence’s visual appeal, it’s essential to draw comparisons to other design legends. Much like the Aston Martin DBS, the Infiniti Essence commands attention with a presence that is both powerful and refined. The elongated hood and the striking front grille exude a confidence that echoes the grandeur of the DBS, making the Essence a worthy contender in the realm of automotive aesthetics.

Additionally, the Essence shares a kinship with the Fisker Karma S, especially in its commitment to sustainable luxury. The Essence’s hybrid powertrain aligns with the eco-conscious philosophy, while its sweeping lines and sculpted sides draw parallels to the Karma S, creating a visual harmony that resonates with environmentally conscious luxury car enthusiasts.

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20 Years of Excellence:

As we celebrate two decades of Infiniti’s presence, it’s remarkable to witness the evolution of the brand’s design language. The Essence Concept Car stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining automotive luxury. The Essence encapsulates 20 years of refinement, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

The Essence’s exterior design is a harmonious blend of athleticism and sophistication. The iconic double-arch grille, a hallmark of Infiniti’s design identity, takes center stage, surrounded by LED headlights that punctuate the Essence’s bold presence on the road. Every detail, from the fluidity of the body lines to the strategic placement of the Essence emblem, is a nod to the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship.

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The Essence in Motion:

The Essence isn’t just a static masterpiece; it comes to life on the road, offering an immersive driving experience for enthusiasts. The dynamic contours of the car create an illusion of perpetual motion even when standing still. This is where the Essence transcends being a mere vehicle; it becomes a statement, a symbol of automotive artistry.

The Essence’s unique combination of luxury and performance mirrors the essence of the G37 Coupe and Sedan, elevating the driving experience to new heights. As an Infiniti owner, you understand the significance of a car that not only performs exceptionally but also looks the part. The Essence achieves this delicate balance effortlessly.


In conclusion, the Infiniti Essence Concept Car is a visual symphony, celebrating 20 years of automotive excellence. For G37 Coupe and Sedan owners, it offers an opportunity to elevate your driving experience by incorporating the Essence’s sleek design into your own ride. Embrace the allure of luxury, draw inspiration from design icons like the Aston Martin DBS and Fisker Karma S, and let your Infiniti G37 stand as a testament to the brand’s legacy. Transform your ride today and continue the journey of Infiniti’s timeless elegance.